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Marineland Product Change: Hole Location in Corner-Flo Tanks

"Beginning this week, Corner-Flo Tanks will have the hole location adjusted to allow for positioning of the drain or return in either hole in the overflow. This change effects all Corner-Flo tanks except for the smaller cubes with the holes in the back of the aquarium, instead of in the bottom.

All stands currently being manufactured will accommodate either the old or the new hole placement, but older Perfecto or Marineland stands that are already in the market may have interference with the bulkheads due to the new configuration. To rectify this situation, each new Corner-Flo aquarium will have a template sheet placed inside, which will provide two different ways to modify an existing stand to provide clearance.  The template is two sided for use with single or dual Corner-Flo tanks.  This will ensure that a consumer always has a way to use the tanks with either an old or a new stand. "

-Courtesy of United Pet Group

To view the new adjustments, template sheet and a list of tanks that will be recieving changes, click here or below the image to download the attatched PDF document.

UPG Marineland Corner-Flo Change

Innova's From the Farm to the Bag

Innova's From the Farm to the Bag

Click on the carrot to watch "From the Farm to the Bag"  made by Innova to inform consumers about their manufacturing process. We've never seen vegetables so excited to be in pet food!

Celebrating AIB's Recognition of High Acievement!


With the 4th of July celebrations coming up, we thought it would be a great time to announce some recent news that we have celebrate about:  Southeast Pet has received the AIB's highest Food Safety Audit rating of Superior, our third year in a row, and because of this, we have been awarded a Recognition of High Achievement.  We are thankful for our great employees whose hard work has allowed us to reach this high achievement.  AIB International is one of the most respected organizations in the field of food safety and offers members education and training as well as food safety audits. Companies that choose to adopt AIB standards are telling their employees and partners, whether customer or vendor, that food safety is critical.

AIB Superior Rating Three Years in a Row

Southeast Pet wishes everyone a wonderful and safe 4th of July holiday!

In Memory of Mike Cady

We lost an Icon of the Georgia pet industry last week.  Michael Cady died on Thursday after fighting mulitiple illnesses for several years.

Furry Victims of Gulf Coast Oil Spill Receive Donation

The economy along the Gulf Coast, already under pressure from the recession, has taken another nose-dive due to lack of work created by the oil spill.  Ma

Southeast Pet donates to Nashville's smallest flood victims

There are so many things going on in the world right now, tension in North Korea and Iran, war in Afghanistan, oil in the Gulf of Mexico and the pending hurricane season.

P&G to acquire Natura Pet Products

On Wednesday, May 5th, we were invited to attend a conference call with John and Ann Rademakers, Natura's founders and owners, as well as Peter Atkins, Natura's CEO.  The invitation explained there would be a major announcement - and major it was!