April  19th, 2017 Press Release

The pet food industry remains a volatile, moving entity – presenting challenges and opportunities at each turn.  The past
few years have seen large scale consolidation amongst distribution, the rapid growth of e-commerce and escalating
expectations from consumers regarding safety, quality, convenience and pet food diets.
When we launched our Super Premium brand NutriSource over a decade ago and later our Pure Vita and Natural
Planet brands we committed to a core plan that is still today the very essence of who we are and who we will continue
to be.  In the world of large corporations, marketing companies and commercialization we choose to follow our own
unique path.  Our family business started as Pine Lakes Hatchery in 1953 and opened the doors on Tuffy’s Pet Foods
11 years later in 1964.  Our founders Tuffy and Kenny Nelson delivered a set of values that are still the focus of our
operations today.
We value family ownership and operation.  We are more concerned with doing the things we believe in than we are with
doing the expedient things.  We like to think that a handshake and commitment mean something.  
Our approach has been to focus on building strong relationships with independent pet  specialty retailers and family
owned and operated businesses.  Our focus remains the same as evidenced by our Mission Statement, Vision, Market
Strategy and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  They are attached for your review.  
Recently PetSmart announced its' planned acquisition of Chewy.  Chewy has been an authorized e-commerce retailer of
Tuffy’s products for the past couple of years.  We are appreciative of the relationship we have had with Chewy.  While we
have respect for the success and growth witnessed by the large and mass retailers they do not fall within the channels
we choose to support with our product and marketing plans.
While e-commerce sales have grown significantly over the past few years and will continue to grow - and no company
can ignore this channel - it is our strong intent to continue with our current marketing plan focused on the independent
specialty retailers and family owned businesses.  In line with this we have made the decision to part ways with Chewy at
this time.  It is important to us to treat Chewy with the respect befitting a valued partner and to allow them adequate
opportunity to close the relationship in a professional, ethical manner, so please understand you may continue to see
our products offered through them for a short period of time.
Tuffy’s has been and will remain committed to producing the finest quality foods in a safe manufacturing environment.
Our aim, as evidenced in our new state of the art facility is to deliver exceptional products that are focused on quality,
safety and nutrition.  We plan to continue to do this through our distribution network that features the very finest retailers
who we feel have a specialized focus on improving the lives of pets and their pet parents.
We encourage pet parents, our retailers and our distribution partners to reach out to us with any questions.  
Charlie Nelson, President     Dan Schmitz, National Sales Manager