• Fill out the Vendor Application form here.
  • (Optional) Submit samples of your product for our buyers and sales team to review.
  • Samples cannot be returned regardless of whether or not we bring in your products.
  • Products from potential vendors are reviewed quarterly. Our buyers will contact you following quarterly reviews on their decision.
  • Fill out the Vendor Application Process – application LINK
  • Must be Registered with Department of Agriculture (food products only) in the following states:
  • Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina & Tennessee
  • Complete our Vendor Agreement – for approved vendors only
  • Southeast Pet Trade show attendance & Monthly promotion participation
  • Vendors are strongly encouraged to participate in our promotions & attend our annual trade show.
  • Click LINK for more information

    What is an ESOP?

    ESOP stands for Employee Stock Ownership Plan.  This provides ownership shares to all of our team members that have been with the company for at least 2 years. The program is designed for shares to be sold back to the company at their “market” value when a team member retires.

    Why did Southeast Pet become an ESOP?

    An ESOP was an ideal way for Greg and Holly Judge to sell the business while taking  good care of the team members who helped build it. The ESOP allowed them to preserve the business for the team and, just as importantly, for the retailers.

    What does Southeast Pet being an ESOP mean for vendors? 

    Southeast Pet’s vendors get peace of mind that they have a partner for the long haul. Southeast Pet is not for sale because we already sold the company to ourselves!