Southeast Pet Return Policy

Our return policy allows us to maintain consistency as we process returns and credits with all our retail partners. Southeast Pet will provide credit for errors we make in shipping products, for products damaged in transit, and for shortages. Credit may also be issued for manufacturer defects and consumer returns. To receive credit for your returned products, please read the following guidelines so that credit can be issued to your account as quickly as possible.

When contacting Southeast Pet about a return, please provide your store name, account number and invoice number. Copies of RGAs (Returned Goods Authorization) will be available on our website, and our driver will have a hard copy upon delivery. Please have items to be returned ready for the driver to pick up with your next delivery.

Please note that any returns that are not due to damage or quality concerns are subject to a 20% restocking fee.


Southeast Pet Returns


Please inspect all products upon receipt of your delivery by Southeast Pet. Damages, shortages, mis-picks, and other ordering errors must be reported to your Inside Sales rep within 48 hours of delivery.

Reasons for Returns


  • Close-Dated Product: If you believe we have shipped close-dated product, please contact your Inside Sales rep within 48 hours of delivery.
  • Expired/Expiring Product: Southeast Pet does not issue credit for product that has expired due to poor movement or lack of rotation. Please contact your vendor representative to discuss options.
  • Infested or Moldy Product: If you believe we have shipped moldy or infested product, please contact your Inside Sales rep immediately. Please have an invoice number, item number, lot code, best by date and photos available.
  • Damaged product: Please notify your Inside Sales rep of damaged product within 48 hours of delivery. In some cases, we may ask our retailers for photos of damaged product as we want to ensure we are doing everything possible to deliver product to you in perfect condition.

Frozen Returns 

  • Frozen Product: In the event a retailer mis orders frozen product, Southeast Pet will work with you on an alternative solution to picking up it up. Due to the nature of frozen product, returning it to our warehouse in salvageable condition is a challenge, and thawed frozen food can result in significant waste. 


Product Returns


Damaged/ Defective Returns

Most vendors will authorize Southeast Pet to credit retailers for returned products for manufacturer defects. Please use this form to report defective, damaged, mis picked, or shorted products. To receive credit, please complete the Southeast Pet Discrepancy form and scan it to your Inside Sales rep. Your Inside Sales rep will issue a credit for shortages, and or generate an RGA for returns.


Pet Food Consumer Returns

Most pet food vendors will authorize Southeast Pet to credit retailers for pet food returned by consumers. To receive credit, please complete the Southeast Pet Food Consumer Return form, attach the UPC, and give the completed form to your Southeast Pet driver.


Please note: Any product reported and not returned within 30 days of purchase will no longer be eligible for return and the RGA will be deleted. Product returned with price stickers, without original packaging, permanently marked or otherwise deemed unsalable will not be eligible for credit and will be returned with your next delivery.


The vendors listed below require completion of our Food Consumer Return form, and the UPCs:

**All Provide


Bixbi/ Rawbble





Grandma Lucy’s

K9 Natural


*Natures Logic

NW Naturals

Open Farm

Pets Global


Small Batch


Stella & Chewy







*Ziwi Peak


*Answers, Fromm, Natures Logic, Petcurean, Vital Essentials, Ziwi Peak require a completed consumer return form, and the original UPC, or credit will not be issued. Scanned copies will not be accepted.

**All Provide and Primal must be contacted directly for credit on any consumer returns. Contact All Provide at 678-585-1606, and Primal at 866-566-4652